January 20, 2011

March Madness

My brother is getting married in March and I took some engagement photos this fall. He and his fiance asked if I could make a Save the Date for them and they wanted it to have something to do with March Madness since they are huge basketball fans! I have no experience in design so I had to keep it simple but I came up with this ticket idea. Note: church name and last names have been blocked to avoid wedding crashers.


  1. just awesome!!! what a great imagination you have!

  2. Clever idea for a couple of basketball fans. Best wishes to them both.

  3. Oh man. So sad. I'm all about the wedding crashing...OK, OK, I only go for the cake really BUT I always take a re-gifted present!


    What an outrageously cute link to our little journey through Alphabe-Thursday's letter 'O'.

    You are a clever girl!



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