January 13, 2011

Jazzin Up the Soap

Have you ever wanted to make washing dishes more fun?  I saw a tutorial on House of Hepworths and fell head over heels for her… soap dispenser.  I forgot to take a picture of my unpainted Dawn Direct Foam bottle so you can check hers out if you would like.

First, find two bottles of expired food in your refrigerator.  These bottles will serve as the holders for the two parts of the bottle.  It will make you feel slightly less guilty to throw away an unopened bottle of salad dressing because you put it to good use for this project.  I made a little skirt out of a cupcake wrapper so that the white tube that sits inside the bottle wouldn’t get paint on it and discolor my soap.

New Years-003 New Years-005

I spray painted outside when it was 12 degrees.  It was one of the worst decisions of my life.  My left hand was coated in spray paint after I accidently sprayed the can in the wrong direction and I could not get the paint off for three days.  I did not document this because I did not wish to make my camera suffer as a result of this poor decision so just envision me spray painting in 5 inches of snow.

Here is the freshly painted bottle with two coats of Krylon plastic paint in “Textured Shimmer.”  I used my Silhouette SD to add the T.

New Years-007 New Years-008

My jazzed up soap bottle has a place to call home and I can look forward  dread doing the dishes a little less.

New Years-011

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  1. It's totally shimmering :) what's the 't' stand for?

  2. Would you like to link up with a little blog event? Come see!

  3. Ha! I can do that, I think! AND I think I will TRY!!!!

  4. That's different. Glad you are happy with it!~Ames

  5. The T is for my last name-- I am a sucker to monograms and initials. Good luck Judie!

  6. what a fun idea. . .we go through a lot of soap dispensers around here!

  7. Great idea! That is waaaay cuter than how they come!

  8. I LOVE this!!! I have antibacterial containers all around the house I've been wanting to do something with. Thanks for posting!!!

  9. Cute idea! I have some empty soap dispensers that I can put to use.

    Thanks for braving the elements and sharing.

  10. Years ago, I bought a pretty soap dispenser I found in the neatest shop and it has held a place of honor ( and hundreds of bottles of dish soap ) since that time!

  11. I love this idea. And a can of that paint what last a long, long time so it would be super economical, too.

    I've purchased those cute ball jars with the pump lids and they always get so messy. This way the pump would already be perfect for the product.

    Thanks for a nifty link to this weeks Alphabe-Thursday!

    I enjoy my stop here.


  12. love the new look! Isn't it the little things that make us smile?

  13. Hi, what do you refill it with once the original soap is gone? Cute tutorial, I am looking forward to doing this.


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