September 8, 2010

I Heart Faces- My Summer in Review

Click on photo for a closer look

I traveled to Alaska with my family this summer. It was one of those last minute deals so 2 weeks before the trip we found a 7 day cruise for $300 per person. My mom paid for the 3 kids to go so to thank her for taking us, I created a photo collage for her. Be creative when you look at the letters (it is her last name)... each of the photos reminds us of something from the trip.

T- boat anchor from an excursion
E- Eagles-- we saw 86 bald eagles one day and each one was breathtaking
D- yummy food on the cruise
F- dolphin statue in the pool area of the ship
O- life ring from the Aleutian Ballad-- one of the ship's from Deadliest Catch
R- a park we visited while in Vancouver
D- crab measuring table from a crab boat in Ketchikan

It was an amazing trip-- I hope that everyone enjoys getting a quick glimpse!

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