September 30, 2010

Fall Mantle

_DSC0098 copy

I move in two weeks so I was putting off decorating a mantle but its fall and its my favorite season! I broke down and did it but it was completely FREE with things I found around my house. I made my $10 fall wreath a couple weeks ago and threw it up on a nail I managed to wedge into a crack in the mortar. I wanted it up higher but I move in two weeks and I am pretty sure the next tenants will thank me for not mutilating the fireplace.

_DSC0110 copy

Piece of twine = instant fall candle. I threw a table runner on the mantle for an extra pop of color.


Twine balls are all the rage. I tried several different techniques will post my scientific findings soon.

_DSC0112 copy2

I had these candle sticks and threw some pumpkins and leftover leaves on them. And once again—twine makes anything fall.

I promise the new house will have something more elaborate but I had to take advantage of the exposed brick one last time.

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  1. Hello New blogger! I like your photos. How do you get that kinda of color effect? I don't know how to describe it, but it's kinda punky - in a good way. I saw you have a link to Jungle Jim's - love that store. I joined up to follow it too.


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