September 20, 2010

Blue Magic

With Halloween around the corner, Black Magic would be a more appropriate title but I need to take a minute to talk about how great Blue Magic is. I found this 18 inch silver tray at a garage sale for $4. It was sitting in the sun when I spotted it and I nearly dropped it when I picked it up because it was so hot and much heavier than I expected. It was pretty scratched up but I loved the shape and details on the edges so I splurged :) and bought it. The owner mumbled something about “magic” and I assumed he was saying…”It’s gonna take some kinda magic to shine that baby up, sucka.” A quick google search showed rave reviews about a product called “Blue Magic.” Transformation in 3…2…1…

DSC_0005-2 (1)

Tarnished tray—yuck!


Enter Blue Magic Metal Polish Cream


Would you look at that? Drab to fab. That was cheesy. Excuse me, it is late.

DSC_0022-2 (1)

A little scratched in the middle but it will look great on a shelf or to use for cookies during the holidays!

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