October 29, 2010

Tupperware Round Up

I was reading Nester's blog today and other bloggers were sharing ideas their secret of being organized. I am making no claims of being an organized person but I know that when I have a purpose to own an item and a place to store it, it helps me control clutter. Reading the blog made me realize that my tupperware collection was out of control. I am moving in a few weeks and it was overflowing out of the moving container it was in. Don't judge.

First step--- lay out all of the containers and then dump the lids in the middle. I totally should have hired a 5 year old for the next part and they would have loved the matching.

All of my containers matched...

And all of my misfits going to the land of misfit tupperware (aka garbage)

After matching, I stacked the containers to condense them and thought about their purpose and where I would store them. The containers with blue lids are from IKEA and the lids fit multiple size containers so I don't have to try every lid I own to find a match. The pile with the red lids are very substantial-- lids fit tight and I can drop them without them busting open. The green pile has a different size lid for every container-- not working for me-- GONE. The pile on the left are the cheap "disposable" containers. When I thought about what I use those for, I realized that their purpose is generally for being given away during a Soup Swap and I only use the one quart size. Bye bye to the rest.

Here is my newest tupperware collection...
Look at its new home. For the next two weeks anyway...
No more digging to find a match. What is it about an organized cabinet that just lifts my spirits and somehow makes the move feel easier?


  1. I wish my Tupperware was this organized. Thanks for the inspiration.



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